Genius plan for the website!

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Fri Jul 3 12:32:49 BST 2009

So looks good on the outside due to Tony's efforts.

But is there any inner beauty?

Here is my cunning plan to regain the inner beauty:

  1) wget -r the current site to a bunch of static files
  2) tedious finding of repeated text replacing them with
Template::Toolkit [% INCLUDE ... %]
  3) tiny, simple, bulletproof script to take templates and generate html pages
  4) tiny, simple, bulletproof script to take html and upload it to server
  5) dump all templates and scripts into github (or whatever)
  6) err - that's it!

this would mean that:

  1) anyone could edit the site and fling back a patch.
  2) meetings might be up-to-date
  3) XML? what XML?
  4) one step closer to world domination!

Any volunteers or am I going to have to do it all myself?


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