Genius plan for the website!

Jonathan Stowe jns at
Fri Jul 3 14:03:47 BST 2009

2009/7/3 Edmund von der Burg <evdb at>:
> 2009/7/3 James Laver <james.laver at>:
>> On 3 Jul 2009, at 12:32, Edmund von der Burg wrote:
>>> Here is my cunning plan to regain the inner beauty:
>>>  1) wget -r the current site to a bunch of static files
>> We have a bunch of static files. The whole thing is generated from xml.
>>>  2) tedious finding of repeated text replacing them with
>>> Template::Toolkit [% INCLUDE ... %]
>> How about replacing them with <!-- #include ... -->  instead? I know we're a perl website, but lets be pragmatic and not go overkill.
> Nope - need to be able to view the final HTML without running a
> server. Otherwise there is just yet another barrier to making changes
> that stop people from doing things. A little build script is the
> simplest possible compromise

You do know that it is already in a publicly accessible SVN server and
that it uses a "little build script"? - if it's just a fashion thing
re SVN & GIT than we can sort that out without needing to use the wget
part as it is already 'pre-baked'.

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