Genius plan for the website!

Tom Barrett tcbarrett at
Fri Jul 3 15:23:05 BST 2009

2009/7/3 Martin A. Brooks <martin at>

> On 03/07/2009 13:52, James Laver wrote:
>> Right, because it's not like we're all programmers or anything and may
>> know how to set up a server
> For the most part programmers don't know how to manage servers, that's why
> you're programmers and don't step up to become sysadmins.
> Programmers are waify distractable mites with the attention span of a can
> of herring. Ever in search of The Next Big Thing and leaving steaming piles
> of crap behind for us sysadmins to look after, possible for years after the
> programmers are found dead in a ditch, assuming the bodies will be found at
> all.

You'd *so* love my config files.

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