Genius plan for the website!

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Fri Jul 3 14:08:26 BST 2009

On 03/07/2009 13:52, James Laver wrote:
> Right, because it's not like we're all programmers or anything and may 
> know how to set up a server

For the most part programmers don't know how to manage servers, that's 
why you're programmers and don't step up to become sysadmins.

Programmers are waify distractable mites with the attention span of a 
can of herring. Ever in search of The Next Big Thing and leaving 
steaming piles of crap behind for us sysadmins to look after, possible 
for years after the programmers are found dead in a ditch, assuming the 
bodies will be found at all.

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