Mailing lists - was Re: Beer Festival, Edgar Wallace, TOMORROW, Thursday 2009-07-16

Andrew Black andrew-perl08 at
Sat Jul 18 10:17:43 BST 2009

Léon Brocard wrote:
> 2009/7/17 James Laver <james.laver at>:
>> Our glorious leader prefers only to announce socials and techmeets,
>> hence why I posted it to this list only.

I think there is scope for a social list
Not moderated and where you can post emergency socials, informal meets 
and so on.

> Emails posted to the -announce list also go to other non-Perl announce
> lists. We shouldn't spam them too often.

Indeed. The main issue I am aware is that announce -> gllug-social list 
where it raises hackles from anti perl brigade.

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