social, Thurs 6th Aug, Irish Pub, Lisbon, Portugal

James Laver james.laver at
Sun Jul 19 22:30:45 BST 2009

It's YAPC time again and it will clash with our social next month, so  
I booked it anyway.

Well, that's perhaps slightly untrue, the amazing cog, leader of booked it for us both (their social will be the same day).

We'll be leaving the Alif (conference hotel)  reception at some as yet  
un-worked-out time and then proceeding to the subway to catch a train  
there. Keep your eyes peeled for email during the week of the  
conference, I'll get it finalised as soon as possible.

If you're not coming to YAPC, shame on you. But word has it that some  
heretical bearded Dave will be organising some drinks at some place in  

Initial plans are to drag along as many furrin' Perlers as possible so  
that all may gaze in wonder at the ability of to lead others  
to drunkenness and debauchery[2]. Any furrin' Perlers who have been  
drinking with will by now know to steer clear[3] ;)


[1] There is no heretical bearded Dave. Oooh, look at the shiny!
[2] There is a surcharge payable for debauchery.
[3] Except nothingmuch, who seemed to enjoy drinking with us.

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