London social meetings/dim sum/drinks or something on the 1st and 14th August?

Paul Fenwick pjf at
Thu Jul 30 10:41:01 BST 2009

G'day everyone,

Jacinta and myself will be arriving in London late tomorrow (23:00, 31st
July, Stansted airport) before flying off to Lisbon first thing Sunday
morning (07:10, 2nd August, Luton airport).

We're planning to catch up with some friends for lunch on the 1st and spend
some of the afternoon exploring your lovely city.  We're also hoping to
catch up with as many of you as available for dim sum or other meal option
in the early evening.

We'll have our bags with us (1 backpack each, plus laptops), so if anyone
has any suggestions on where we might find lockers to store them then that
would be awesome.  I'm hoping that we may have some luck where we get off
(and later on) the easybus at Baker Street, but a confirmation would be

After YAPC::EU and a lightning tour of the very western parts of Europe
we'll be back again in London on the evening of the 14th (arriving at Kings
Cross Station at 17:15).  If anyone is up for another social that evening,
we'd love to share a meal and/or some cider with you again before we start
the very long flight home leaving early the next morning.

So, if you're available to catch up with us on the evenings of the 1st
and/or 14th August, then let myself (or the list) know, and we'll be glad to
see you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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