PARing autobox has me stumped

Toby Wintermute tjc at
Thu Aug 13 01:51:05 BST 2009

2009/8/13  <peter at>:
> Quoting Chisel Wright <chisel at>:
>> Of course I get different results after actually installing autobox:
> Ack! Is this normal for PAR? I've always avoided it due to suspicions of
> Evil .so library problems and so on.

It does do some black magic in order to get XS modules working (the
.so files you mention), but in general it does seem to work.. mostly.

The lack of reliability puts me off it a bit, but I have to admit it's
very handy when I want to take an app quickly from a dev box to some
servers, and I don't want to spend all wee building debian packages
for the dependencies.


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