ActionScript 3.0 Animation training anyone?

Paul Makepeace paulm at
Thu Sep 17 01:43:13 BST 2009

>From the Dept of Looking At Your Calendar More Often,

I have a spot on this course but am not going to be able to make it on
account of flying to America.

Two days of hands on making things move with ActionScript 3.0.

Learn the basics of animation, difference between “static” animation
and dynamic animation, and strategies for animating with code. We’ll
start with simple motion - getting an object to move on one axis with
a fixed velocity and build it up slowly, incorporating multiple
different forces in two and even three dimensions and various kinds of
motion, forces, gravity, friction, bouncing, user interaction, etc.

The course is aimed at developers and code-oriented designers
interested in using code to animate visual objects in ActionScript."

>From what I understand this is a pretty well respected teacher. The
course sold out really fast.

Yes, this is starting in 7hrs. I imagine you could pick it up missing
even a few hours. Anyone interested, email me. Feel free to forward
anywhere/anywhom you think is appropriate.


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