Charity Hack '09

Dave Cross dave at
Thu Sep 17 10:14:52 BST 2009

Those nice people at Gumtree[1] are really getting into the idea of 
hackdays. Some of you may have already been to TwitterCamp and UXCamp 
this year.

Well, they're doing another on this weekend (19/20 September). Charity 
Hack '09 is this coming weekend. It's centred around finding ways to 
make it easier to donate to charities. For example, it includes a 
preview of JustGiving's new API.

I'm not going to be able to go, but it would be good to have some Perl 
hackers involved.

See for more details and to book you place.



[1] Together with the other companies in the building. Specifically, in 
this case, PayPal.

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