Paul Makepeace paulm at
Thu Sep 17 19:10:07 BST 2009

Talking of sip, does anyone have recommendations for consumer voip services?
Ideally I'd like something I can make (direct dial) calls from on my
laptop+headset and it'd appear as a e.g. UK mobile. And take calls on that
number, perhaps ringing another mobile as well as the laptop.

Extra points for having the ability to select the 'from' address I.e. appear
as a US number.

I know folks like Broadworks etc do this but they're selling into
businesses, not to my knowledge consumer oriented.

My take on Skype is it's fine except when it isn't: laggy & degraded echo-ey
transmission doesn't sound professional.

On Sep 17, 2009 2:51 PM, "Joel Bernstein" <joel at> wrote:

2009/9/17 Andrew Black <andrew-perl08 at>:

> I am having a debate about Skype at $work. > I have a gut feeling that I
don't like it. Tried to r...
Those would be the T&Cs at
To which bits do you object? They don't seem hugely unreasonable.

My main objection to Skype (which I do use) is that it doesn't
interoperate with users of other VoIP systems. SIP and suchlike
provide an open standard which Skype ignore.


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