The Genius of the Perl Programming Language (and a plug for the Perl sub-reddit)

Andy Wardley abw at
Sun Sep 20 13:18:51 BST 2009

This just in from the Department of Preaching to the Choir:

 > Python and lua are excellent languages too and I am sure that Python is
 > much better than perl in many many respects but there is one key difference.
 > The difference is CPAN.
 > [...]
 > There is no CPAN in any language other than perl

Pats on the back all round.

And a tip of the hat to singingfish42 who posted it to Reddit here:

For those who don't already know, we have a reasonably active Perl
sub-reddit which throws up all sorts of interesting links to articles
about Perl.

Self-promotion is actively encouraged, so please feel free to submit links
to your own Perl blogs or those of your Perly chums.


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