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Uri Guttman uri at
Tue Sep 29 09:13:07 BST 2009

>>>>> "SC" == Simon Cozens <simon at> writes:

  SC> On 26/09/2009 21:40, Billy Abbott wrote:
  >>> Assuming we're not referring to fried email, than the answer is "yes".
  >>> That assumes you live in Hawaii, of course.
  >> The Hawaiian love of Spam has scared me since I heard of it.

  SC> It should scare you; I've heard a theory that Spam is popular in the
  SC> Pacific islands because it tastes similar to... more traditional meats
  SC> that they can't eat any more.

too bad, the real answer is more mundane. spam was invented (if you can
use that word) for the US army in ww2 and was the c (or k?) ration -
meat in a can. it was of course ubiqitous in hawaii during the war as
there was a massive military presence there. it became a cheap source of
meat for the locals as well as the military. so spam became an accepted
and now popular part of the food culture there. this is also true for
other asian islands and countries (at least according to wikipedia). and
for you brits, spam was about the only non-rationed meat during the war
so you have likely some dna in you created from spam molecules your
ancestors ate! the monty python spam song was based on the mass of
spam eaten in the war and offered on menus.


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