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> From: Uri Guttman <uri at>
>   SC> It should scare you; I've heard a theory that Spam is popular in the
>   SC> Pacific islands because it tastes similar to... more traditional meats
>   SC> that they can't eat any more.
> too bad, the real answer is more mundane. spam was invented (if you can
> use that word) for the US army in ww2 and was the c (or k?) ration -
> meat in a can. it was of course ubiqitous in hawaii during the war as
> there was a massive military presence there.

That's the same reason so many Americans like piss, er, rice lagers.  Due to grain rationing in WWII, rice was often substituted for barley.  It results in a much weaker, watery beer with no flavor and Americans seemed to forget that beer can actually taste good.  Heck, I learned to *like* Diet Coke after drinking enough of it.  I have no taste, either.

This is the gustatorial equivalent to "if you lie often enough, people will start to believe it" (the *real* Fox News motto)..

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