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Tue Sep 29 17:02:12 BST 2009

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> I suppose that as a Yank, I can't properly dismiss this theory, but I'll try.
> We have some totally amazing beer here.  My favorite beers are all American,
> and I've had enough good British, Irish, and European beer to feel like I can
> fairly choose between them.  There is a large culture of beer appreciation
> here.

Gotta disagree on this one.  IPA in the states is *awful*.  I actually like it over here.  Plus, US beers (even the quality ones) are often very fizzy.  A bit too much for my taste.  I know the microbreweries in Portland are fantastic, but they generally don't ship over here.

The best beers are Belgian.  After that, I might vote German.  Might.

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