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On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 11:26:17AM -0400, Ricardo Signes wrote:
> * Nicholas Clark <nick at> [2009-09-29T05:18:15]

> > That's what you say. I think that this is just a large Yankee conspiracy to
> > make the rest of the beer-appreciating world think that there is no decent
> > beer in America. This way America can keep the good stuff to itself, because
> > no-one realises that they need to get upset because it's not exported.

> Even a fair bar has a number of good beers on tap, though, and they're almost
> always all American.  I think that we Yanks who like our great American beer
> would love to share knowledge of it with the rest of the world -- but it's
> mostly produced by local concerns who don't make enough to supply the world.

So that theory fits the facts? :-)

> That said, my absolute favorite brewery, Victory, apparently supplies some
> places in London.  I urge you to see if HopDevil is available near you.  I
> imagine it will have suffered a bit from the trip, but it's a fantastic beer.

Spitfire doesn't survive the trip to Denmark.
I've not spotted Victory anywhere. I'll keep a lookout.

> > (I think that the Danes adopt the same policy, and the Germans do for wine)
> > 
> > On the other hand, the Japanese managed to make decent lager from rice.
> > How come America can't?
> Do you mean happoshu, or Japanese rice-adjunct lagers?  I've never had an Asian
> beer that I liked much, but I'd love to find one.

I meant things like Asahi and similar, which Japanese restaurants in the UK
tend to serve. I find them quite drinkable.

Then again, I find Cobra drinkable with curry. But elsewhere, oh so bland.

Maybe I'm admitting I have no taste. :-)

Nicholas Clark

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