Anyone hiring at the moment?

Ricardo Signes at
Tue Sep 29 19:13:53 BST 2009

* Nicholas Clark <nick at> [2009-09-29T13:43:39]
> [Mmm, my copy of mutt won't put Ricardo in the Cc:, even with "group reply",
> which is hateful, because I know he's not subscribed to the list]

!  Maybe it's a sign and I should subscribe.

> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 11:26:17AM -0400, Ricardo Signes wrote:
> > That said, my absolute favorite brewery, Victory, apparently supplies some
> > places in London.  I urge you to see if HopDevil is available near you.  I
> > imagine it will have suffered a bit from the trip, but it's a fantastic
> > beer.
> Spitfire doesn't survive the trip to Denmark.
> I've not spotted Victory anywhere. I'll keep a lookout.

Do not judge it harshly.  I live 90 miles from the brewery and the difference
in what I get from my local compared to what I get at the brewery pub is

> > Do you mean happoshu, or Japanese rice-adjunct lagers?  I've never had an
> > Asian beer that I liked much, but I'd love to find one.
> I meant things like Asahi and similar, which Japanese restaurants in the UK
> tend to serve. I find them quite drinkable.
> Then again, I find Cobra drinkable with curry. But elsewhere, oh so bland.

I've had a few Indian beers that were drinkable with dinner, but that I surely
wouldn't order in any other context.

As for Ovid's distaste for American IPA, I'll just have to hope he finds
himself in my neck of the woods sometime.  IPA is among my favored beers, and I
think we have a number of really great ones -- although also a lot of
over-hyped ones.  Boulder Mojo and Sierra Nevada Torpedo are excellent.  Sierra
Nevada's regular IPA is nice, but definitely overrated.  (HopDevil is often
listed as an IPA, but this is madness.  HopDevil is an ale, but other than that
it pretty well stands alone.)


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