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Tue Sep 29 19:32:19 BST 2009

Sue Spence wrote:
> 2009/9/29 Ask Bjørn Hansen <ask at>
>> On Sep 29, 2009, at 8:26, Ricardo Signes wrote:
>>  ...but there's also a large culture of beer ignorance.
>> Once at the local Beverages and More[1] where they have hundreds of
>> different beers from around the country and the world I overheard a couple
>> talking about choosing between Miller and Budweiser beer. I wanted to
>> scream!
> What the real ale fetishists and general beer nerds here like to forget it
> is just how well that American Budweiser stuff appears to sell in England.
> I see people drinking it *all the time* and when it first started getting a
> foothold back in the '90s I had thought the fad might blow over.  Whatever
> -- if people want to drink it, let 'em.

ooo this could yet morph into serious philosophy / anthropology if we 
aren't careful.

Question: why do so many (british/possibly english) people drink so much 
tasteless (bland?), yet reasonably alcoholic beer?

What is it about the good stuff that seems to put most people (a 
category which probably excludes nearly everyone on this list) off 
drinking it.

Please don't say "oh if only they would try it and they would change 
their mind" because we / Camra went through that phase in the 1980s / 
early 1990s. We and they have come out the other side and are watching 
the year on year decline of mainstream, nationally (or even just 
regionally) available real beer that tastes of something.

Even saying "oh people have moved over to lager" isn't enough, because 
if you give them decent lager (say real Belgian/German/Czech stuff), 
they won't touch it. They stick to the bland/sweet rubbish.

Don't blame the brewers, they will keep producing the stuff if they can 
sell it. They can't, and brew after decent brew is disappearing.


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