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Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Oct 1 11:30:10 BST 2009

On 1 Oct 2009, at 07:19, Dave Cross wrote:
> But I need somewhere else to go. I'm thinking probably Be, but I'm  
> open to suggestions of other suppliers. Does anyone want to share  
> horror stories or recommendations?

WebTapestry pretty much just works. The 24Mb/s unbundled service is no  
more expensive than the 8Mb/s ADSL MAX offering, and they're both  
cheaper than Zen for the same package. When I switched to WebTapestry,  
I did notice that international traffic seemed a bit slower than Zen,  
but this does not appear to be the case any more.

The deal-maker for me: WebTapestry's support is *much* better than  
Zen, because when you bring along a tricky problem, somebody with Clue  
deals with it without having to deal with a front-line monkey first.  
Trying to get Zen to deal with a dodgy line I had once was like  
pulling teeth, and was the reason I left them.

The only thing that WebTapestry lacks that Zen has is a Usenet  
service. This has done wonders for my productivity :)

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