Payment Providers

James Laver james.laver at
Thu Oct 1 21:02:07 BST 2009

I'm looking for a card processing service to take payments with.

Essential features:
1. No javascript required to make a payment (that means you, NetBanx).
2. No insistence on 3dsecure (because really, it's horrifically  
3. I don't have to store any credit card details at all.
4. They deal with as many of the legal issues as possible so I don't  
have to. Particularly PCI DSS.
5. Established, tested cpan modules for dealing with them

My initial inclinations were the big guns like Datacash and Paypoint,  
but of some concern was datacash's website being hosted on IIS, and  
the fact that neither of them have modules on cpan (and frankly, the  
perl examples for datacash were more than a little embarrassing for  

So, recommendations? Horror Stories? Legal guidance?


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