Payment Providers

David Brownlee abs at
Thu Oct 1 23:53:34 BST 2009

2009/10/1 James Laver <james.laver at>

> I'm looking for a card processing service to take payments with.
> Essential features:
> 1. No javascript required to make a payment (that means you, NetBanx).
> 2. No insistence on 3dsecure (because really, it's horrifically insecure).
> 3. I don't have to store any credit card details at all.
> 4. They deal with as many of the legal issues as possible so I don't have
> to. Particularly PCI DSS.
> 5. Established, tested cpan modules for dealing with them
> My initial inclinations were the big guns like Datacash and Paypoint, but
> of some concern was datacash's website being hosted on IIS, and the fact
> that neither of them have modules on cpan (and frankly, the perl examples
> for datacash were more than a little embarrassing for them).

We've used RealEx payment systems. They have a few integration options (sans
javascript), provided (relatively shocking) reference perl code, have
3dsecure as optional, and helpful if not always on the ball support.

Just a datapoint.

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