Payment Providers

James Laver james.laver at
Fri Oct 2 13:11:36 BST 2009

On 2 Oct 2009, at 10:26, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> The new "Unified Payment Pages" now work just fine without JavaScript.
> If we have documentation saying otherwise, could you point it out so  
> that
> I can ask for it to be corrected?

Ah no, my experience was as a customer of the companies house website,  
where it ships in an iframe laden with javascript.

> And badly implemented by quite a few providers.
> (There's XML, and a DTD. If the XML validates against the DTD, that  
> means
> that it's *VALID*, dammit, so don't reject it)

The spec is ridiculous, but nothing is more ridiculous than  
programmers reading a spec and getting it wrong.

> However, one can't take payments from Maestro unless one has 3D  
> insecure.
> (And it seems that even easyJet are no longer large enough to wiggle  
> out
> of that one)

If the card company mandates it, not a lot I can do about that, so be  

> Point 4 would imply point 3 is met.
> You don't say, whether you have a merchant account with a bank, or  
> whether
> you want the payment service provider to deal with that part.
> Point 4 implies that you'd like them to deal with it, and "just make  
> money
> appear in my account". Doing this might restrict your options on 3D  
> insecure/
> Phished by Visa.

This was part of my concern. I know paypal just do CVC checking and to  
hell with 3dsecure (very sensible). I don't have an account with a  
merchant bank, I'd like all of that taken care of.1

> Paypal probably meets most of your criteria too :-)

I'd thought about paypal, but no. It would be nice to have it as an  
option though (which Datacash offer for example).


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