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Nicholas Clark nick at
Fri Oct 2 13:40:55 BST 2009

On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 01:11:36PM +0100, James Laver wrote:
> On 2 Oct 2009, at 10:26, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> >
> >The new "Unified Payment Pages" now work just fine without JavaScript.
> >If we have documentation saying otherwise, could you point it out so  
> >that
> >I can ask for it to be corrected?
> Ah no, my experience was as a customer of the companies house website,  
> where it ships in an iframe laden with javascript.

Yes, that's the old stuff. That's, um, not exactly something to be proud of/
not exactly a good advertisement of what we now can do.

> >However, one can't take payments from Maestro unless one has 3D  
> >insecure.
> >(And it seems that even easyJet are no longer large enough to wiggle  
> >out
> >of that one)
> If the card company mandates it, not a lot I can do about that, so be  
> it.

We had a chat at lunch, and (IIRC) Tom said that he thinks that Amazon are
now not taking Maestro. We're inferring that Amazon have said "We don't do 3D.
We aren't prepared to loose 6% of our business from it", Mastercard have said
"But to take Maestro, you must do 3D", and Amazon said "OK, we won't take
Maestro then"*

If enough big sites take this attitude, then it will get the fate it deserves,
whatever the banks think or want, because customers won't use those cards any
more, because they aren't useful.

Nicholas Clark

* Well, really I'm hoping that they said "Screw you hippy"

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