Payment Providers paul at
Fri Oct 2 10:27:03 BST 2009

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 5. Established, tested cpan modules for dealing with them
 I only know of  Business::PayPal::API in CPAN which seems to work
ok. The downside is that its PayPal :)
 My initial inclinations were the big guns like Datacash and
 but of some concern was datacash's website being hosted on IIS, and 

 the fact that neither of them have modules on cpan (and frankly, the
 perl examples for datacash were more than a little embarrassing for 

 So, recommendations? Horror Stories? Legal guidance?
  I've not seen a good implementation/example in perl from any
payment provider. And yes, the datacash examples are awful.
 Anywhere I've worked we've rolled our own. Since most providers use
SOAP or key values via HTTPS it is not that much work to do a perl
 As for which provider I'd use I have no idea, I guess the one that
gives you the best deal. Technically they all seem to have their good
and bad points.

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