Sending $US to the US

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Sun Oct 11 15:44:46 BST 2009

>>>>> "Minty" == Minty  <mintywalker at> writes:

Minty> They are supposed to be as good as cash from the recipients
Minty> perspective (esp when drawn on the "local" currency), but replaceable
Minty> if lost.  At least, that was my vauge memory/understanding.  I've not
Minty> used them in years.

Two years ago, I was travelling in Northern europe with Neil "geekcruises"
Bauman, and we spent nearly an hour in each port trying to cash $500 of his
"universal" American Express travellers checks.  The experience tells me only
one thing: "They aren't universal any more".  Everyone expects credit or debit
cards now... travellers checks are a thing of the past.

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