Anyone know of a ...

Ash Berlin ash_cpan at
Thu Oct 22 14:46:28 BST 2009

...decent laywer?

A friend of mine is dealing with a bad debt from a company should have
started insolvency proceedings, but hasn't. Largely because the directors
are cocks and have basically broken every one of items on this list of
things you shouldn't do as a director:

We can no add contempt of court to that list, since they haven't yet
formally filed insolvency, despite the court order.

So - anyone know a laywer who will take this sort of work on, preferably
for no-win-no-fee (urhg, I know) even if they end up taking a significant
portion of the damages.

For added fun, we're farily sure that the directors (who have quite large
personal fortunes) have invalidated their limited liabilities, and could
potentially face many years jail time.


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