Anyone know of a ...

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Thu Oct 22 15:33:01 BST 2009

On 22/10/09 14:46, Ash Berlin wrote:
> ...decent laywer?

Alex Chapman at Sheridans can doubtless put you in touch with one of his 
fine colleagues if he doesn't handle this type of work himself. 
Excellent chap and very knowledgeable.

achapman at

I doubt they do no-win-no-fee but I know he'll give sound advice to help 
you decide how to take it forward.

> For added fun, we're farily sure that the directors (who have quite large
> personal fortunes) have invalidated their limited liabilities, and could
> potentially face many years jail time.

It's a fair bet they haven't. They didn't get where they are today... 
etc etc.

Good luck though.


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