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Fri Oct 23 19:47:19 BST 2009

On 23 Oct 2009, at 12:15, Chris Jack wrote:

> Don't take this as legal advise, so without prejudice, and all that...
> The one time I have had to sue someone for non-payment, what I  
> recall happening is:
> 1) I sent the person a few letters/invoices requesting payment,  
> getting no response.
> 2) I got a solicitor to send a letter requesting payment, getting no  
> response.
> 3) Solicitor sent a letter threatening to wind the other person's  
> company up if payment wasn't received, getting no response.
> 4) Solicitor put an advertisement in one of a set of standard  
> newspapers/publications stating they were about to start winding up  
> procedures.
> 5) The day the advertisement went in, the other person's company's  
> bank accounts were frozen.
> 6) Later that afternoon, the other person paid me all the money  
> owing plus my solicitor's fee

All of this is already happened, and the company has been ordered by  
the court to wind up. But the directors are dragging their heels about  
it/generally being cocks - causing pain to the (now ex-)staff and the  
creditors. So its now a matter of trying to 1) get the director struck  
off, and 2) see if we can't get their limited liabilities voided for  
fun. The best way will be to get all the creditors to chip in together  
for split the lawers fees (as numerous people have pointed out, no one  
will take this on for free).

Thanks the recomemdations.

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