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Tue Nov 10 18:20:56 GMT 2009

> Net::Twitter will do all that you want, with lots of Moosey goodness.
> Net::Twitter::Lite is the old version of Net::Twitter from before it was
> Moosed. I don't know to what extent the author is keeping ::Lite up to
> date with changes in the Twitter API. I recommend Net::Twitter[1].

Thus far, the author has kept the core functionality in step in both modules. A
release of one is generally followed by a release of the other. I use
Net::Twitter for the cpan_linked Twitter account (shameless plug:, and have been using it since before the Moose
re-write. There was literally no impact to my daemon from the change-over, it
was handled that cleanly. I have also used Net::Twitter::Lite. It provides the
basic functionality that you need, without as many options for things like
error recovery, etc. Essentially, a proper *::Lite module. Moreover,
until/unless you need the extended functionality of Net::Twitter proper, you
can use the Lite module then you should be able to switch over to the full
module without seeing any glitches.

(Second shameless plug: I wrote a bit about these two on my blog, at -- nothing really that hasn't already been covered here or
in other messages in this thread.)

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