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Kaoru kaoru at
Fri Nov 13 15:44:34 GMT 2009

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 3:23 PM, Chris Devers <cdevers at> wrote:
> Not to be contrarian, but is there any particular reason why random
> bits of text in the main banner need to be Flash assets rather than an
> open format like PNG or -- gosh -- text+CSS?

Huh, that's odd, in my browser (no flash installed) it shows up as text+CSS.

(removed blank lines for ease of emailing):
>  <div class="masthead">
>      <p class="headline">Flexible &amp; Powerful</p>
>      <p class="strap">That's why we love Perl</p>	
>      <p class="button"><a href="/get.html" class="download">Download Perl</a></p>	
>      <p class="cta"><a href="/get.html">Get started</a></p>
>  </div>

Anyway, I join everyone in congratulating Leo and anyone else who
worked on it on a job very well done :)

- Alex

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