Weekend entertainment

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Sun Nov 15 11:51:44 GMT 2009

I wanted to share this... Some people have no sense of humour. This came 
up on the contact at perl.org queue.

(I shall compose a message saying Acme is fun, etc. etc. Can anyone 
point me to other similar Acme modules to put this in context?)

Dear Sir,

Let me begin by saying that I am really disappointed at your postings on
CPAN most especially the Acme::Lingua::NIGERIAN module.

Such an educative site, the CPAN should not be used as a launchpad for
attacking a nation and its people.
Nigeria has been and will ever be a great nation and its people are good.
It is very unfair to judge a nation of over 144.7 million people (World
Bank, 2006) by the action of few!

Would you be happy if such an attack is lunched against your own country,
your mother land!
Nigeria is my mother and father land, I love my country just as you do love

You should channel your energy at something positive, something that would
make your own country better and the humanity at large rather than attacking
other nations and their people.

I personally as a Nigerian demand an apology from you for embarrassing me
and my country. Your apology should also be posted on CPAN and any other
place you might have posted the module.


it's an anthem in a vacuum on a hyperstation, day dreaming days in a 
daydream nation

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