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Jerry D. Hedden jdhedden at cpan.org
Sun Nov 15 16:55:53 GMT 2009

David Landgren wrote:
> I wanted to share this... Some people have no sense of humour. This came up
> on the contact at perl.org queue.
> (I shall compose a message saying Acme is fun, etc. etc. Can anyone point me
> to other similar Acme modules to put this in context?)

David Golden replied:
> I think the module is offensive -- which is not inconsistent with it
> trying to be funny  Funny and offensive is sometimes a fine line.  I'm
> not saying it needs to be yanked -- I don't support censoring "bad
> thoughts".  I would rather see the author withdraw it voluntarily.
> Even in Acme, I'd rather see the Perl community trying to be inclusive
> and not make jokes at anyone's expense.

I think the module is funny, and I don't find it offensive at all.  To whom
is it offensive?  Nigerians that are ashamed of what their fellow countrymen
are doing?  Well, they should be, and should put a stop to it.

Consider Jeff Foxworthy making fun of rednecks.  How is that different?
Nearly all humor offends someone.  F*** 'em if they can't take a joke.  Go
out and by a thicker skin.

As the module doesn't border on a hate crime, I see not reason to even
suggest that the author consider a voluntary withdrawal.

> People do remember Alias' ill-considered Acme::Playmate talk, right?
> (And his very responsible apology afterwards, too)
> http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Acme::Playmate_talk

Again, a few people that can't take a joke.  You can't please all the
people all the time.

(Just my opinion.  Take it with a big grain of salt.)

BTW, here's a joke for you:  Where do you find a turtle with no legs?
Right where you left it!   <Ha Ha>

I'm sure I'll piss off a few animal lovers with that one.  ;)

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