Help me become a Londoner!

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Thu Nov 19 11:20:34 GMT 2009

Hi all!

I'll be starting a job (permanent position) in London at the beginning
of January. I have until then to:

- find an apartment (renting, I think)
- open a bank account
- set up all utilities, and an ADSL
- move some of my stuff from Pisa

Now, since I know very little about how these things are done in the
UK, I turn to the collective wisdom of for help. I will be
in London (staying at a friend's) during most of December.

Some questions I have:

- can anyone recommend some agencies (or other methods) to search for
  the apartment?
- which areas should I be looking around, for a largish (60m²)
  apartment for under £800/month, within a half-hour commute (by
  train?) to the centre?
- is there a no-interest, no-fees, everything-on-the-web bank that can
  be trusted (at least a bit :) ) with my money?
- anything else a foreigner really ought to know?


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