Dear LazyWeb - FreeBSD makefiles

Simon Wistow simon at
Fri Nov 20 01:11:02 GMT 2009

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 09:46:28PM +0000, Mark Blackman said:
> Your requirement is slightly more complex because you
> want a variety of suffixes (corresponding to man page sections).
> So you'll want to find a way to deal with that requirement
> using some kind of further substitution, probably a second step
> that renames to .X

Thanks - that got me much further. It was still a bit of a struggle to 
get it working with both BSD and GNU make but this seems to work 

It does have the slightly odd side effect that, under BSD, stuff is 
installed as foo.1.1 rather than foo.1 but it 'man foo' works so I'm 
not all that bothered at the moment.

It's very possible that the sight of this will cause many of our more 
delicate members to scream but, for the time being, I'm just glad that 
it mostly works.

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