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Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Thu Nov 19 16:47:16 GMT 2009

Quoting Philip Potter (philip.g.potter at
> 2009/11/19 Gianni Ceccarelli <dakkar at>:
> > Ok, based on feedback from the list and IRC, I'll add some more
> > information.
> >
> > Job is (going to be in a few months' time, but let's simplify) in W12,
> > Westfield IIRC. That would suggest looking westward.
> All places within 30 minutes commute of W12 7SL:
Nice small area. If Gianni commutes on a scooter like a true italian, that 
could cast a wider net within 30 minutes. There should be a drop-down
box with options "rider from Napoli / rider from Roma / rider from
Milano" with appropriate differences in distance covered. 

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