Sleeping Arrangements

Christopher Taranto christopher at
Mon Dec 7 13:10:25 GMT 2009

On Mon, December 7, 2009 4:35 am, Ovid wrote:
> A friend writes:
> We will be in London between January 1st & 5th around a month
> from now. We were wondering if you had recommendations of reasonably priced
> accommodations within London proper or within an easy commute on the Tube.
> Frankly, the only hotel I've stayed at in London was Hotel 55, out in
> Hangar Lane.  I think he wants something more central.  Can anyone
> recommend anything?

The Portland or Clarendon hotels are located in between Bloomsbury Square
and Russell Square.  I used to stay here for business all of the time and
are comfortable and fairly inexpensive for their location.

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