Mini-LPM Crossword Warmup (Re: help - looking for a crossword compiler (human or computer))

Andy Wardley abw at
Tue Dec 15 11:20:15 GMT 2009

Here are the answers (just on the off-chance that anyone got stuck) along
with explanations of the clues for those who don't grok cryptic crosswords
(or LPM).


> 1 Slayer agrees to working memory without hesitation. [5]

Buffy, of course.  From 'y' (agrees) added onto 'buffer' (working memory)
with the 'er' (hesitation) removed.

> 2 One hundred left spice out of hot meals. [4]

Pies.  Yummy.  One hundred is 'c' in roman numerals.  It left 'spice'
and the remaining letters 'spie' are an anagram (out of) 'pies' (hot meals).

> 1 A short ride - everyone wants one. [4]

Pony.  It's a short horse (a ride).  Jolly popular, too.

> 2 Better put the badger out for a drink [4]

Beer.  'Better' with 'TT' (the badger) taken out gives a tasty drink.

I'll get my "Nothing in feline suggests rainwear [4]"...  :-)


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