Monads are like burritos

Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Dec 16 11:13:35 GMT 2009

On 16 Dec 2009, at 10:51, the hatter wrote:
> The cov garden one is rather popular, but has been sold me much  
> tasty food on previous occasions.  Hadn't realised there was one in  
> Westfield, might be a better Thursday option than the food court  
> options, certainly more authentic in allowing up to buy many small,  
> tasty fried (though probably no steamed) dishes for sharing.

The food court in Westfield can be best described as hell, especially  
this close to Christmas. The outside eating is better, although there  
are occasional long queues in some of the places. Between Wahaca and  
Balans you can normally get a table without waiting.

It is also worth noting that Bamboo House on Wood Lane now does dim  
sum, and is easily the best Chinese restaurant for miles around. I'll  
give it eleven out of ten.

(The Shepherd's Bush area is a rather good place for foodies on a  
budget to visit once you look past the endless dodgy fast food joints  
littering the place.)

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