Brazilian PM looking for a job in London area

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at
Mon Jan 11 15:04:56 GMT 2010

On 11 Jan 2010, at 13:46, Dominic Thoreau wrote:

> 2010/1/11 Dave Cross <dave at>:
>> Yeah. That's _exactly_ the best way to make a non-native English speaker
>> feel welcome. Thanks for your input.
> To be honest, I didn't see much wrong with the initial email. On
> looking again, there are some .... idiosyncrasies....
> The fact that I didn't notice them on first reading is a definite sign
> that I've been working with the Dutch for too long.....

The beauty of English is that it can be dealt with idiosyncratically
and still make sense.

I've worked in Holland, France, Germany and now have lots of Taiwanese
friends and it's been...interesting :)

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