London Perlm[ou]ngers January 2010 social - The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell EC1R 5ET

Smylers Smylers at
Mon Jan 11 17:38:15 GMT 2010

On Thursday James Laver wrote:

> Just a reminder that this is today.

Thanks for arranging this, James.

> Last time we ate the Gunmakers out of meat and drank it out of 3 of 4
> beers. Lets beat that this time, eh?

Well, we (a fairly select group, given the weather) ate it out of steak
sandwiches and drank it out of Curiosity Cola.  I'm not entirely sure
whether that qualifies as beating the previous attempt, but it's
probably a first.

Léon Brocard writes:

> How did it go?

It was fun.  I really liked the pub -- the staff were friendly, they had
a nice range of soft drinks, and the food gave the impression of both
the menu being designed and the meals prepared by somebody who cares.

I learnt that Stephen has a beer review podcast, The Beer Crate, which
can be found here:

He also had a print-on-demand beer-related book which looked worth
reading, but I've been unable to locate where that's available from.

Bob MacCallum writes:

> The back room was a bit chilly, but the steak sandwich was excellent.
> I hope you guys were able to move into the main bit later on

Probably we were _able_ do do that, but apparently it didn't occur to
any of us (and certainly not those of us who were hogging a radiator).

> (I left at around 9 to catch a train that had ceased to exist).

Eeek -- sorry to hear that.

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