Journey Planner

Greg Sheard g.m.sheard at
Wed Jan 27 15:15:51 GMT 2010

Smylers wrote:
> Greg Sheard writes:
>> Smylers wrote:
>>> Does anybody know a way of making the TFL Journey Planner show the
>>> best route between two places only on transport which has the normal
>>> zone-based billing?
>> Although not necessarily correct in the generic case, in this instance
>> you can get rather more helpful answers from Journey Planner by
>> deselecting Train as a desired method of transport.
> Unfortunately that rules out the route that I probably want -- a train
> from Paddington to either Hayes & Harlington or West Drayton, and then
> some combination of walking or buses.

A stern look at Journey Planner throws up an option in amongst the mass 
of routes via Heathrow -- a First Great Western train to Hayes & 
Harlington, followed by the 350 towards Heathrow.


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