Journey Planner

Smylers Smylers at
Wed Jan 27 15:57:35 GMT 2010

Greg Sheard writes:

> A stern look at Journey Planner throws up an option in amongst the
> mass  of routes via Heathrow -- a First Great Western train to Hayes &
> Harlington, followed by the 350 towards Heathrow.

Indeed -- that's the route I suspect I want.  But most of the journeys
along that route aren't showing, seemingly masked by expensive journeys
at similar times.

So to plan a journey I first need to look up train times.  Then look up
routes and times from the pub [oooh, does mention of a pub suddenly make
this on-topic?] in Zone 1 to Paddington separately, and from Hayes &
Harlington to the hotel in a third stage.

And then try it with getting the Central Line to Ealing Broadway and
catching a train from there instead of Paddington.

Which is exactly the sort of thing I'd been hoping Journey Planner would
do for me (and which it mostly used to do until Terminal 5 opened).


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