Looking for a Perl development position in London

Egor Shipovalov kogdaugodno at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 12:54:59 GMT 2010

CV below. Willing to consider support engineering positions if the
company is good. Money isn't the number one priority.

Egor Shipovalov

Tel.: +44 07780 211 416, +7 985 233 1841
E-mail: kogdaugodno at gmail.com
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/EgorShipovalov
Homepage: http://shipovalov.com/


A London-based position in software development that will require
accomplishing non-trivial tasks in modern OO Perl.


- 9-year experience with, in-depth knowledge of OO Perl. Experience in
  building large database-driven high-traffic web applications with

- Excellent practical knowledge of mod_perl, HTML::Mason, Catalyst,
  Template Toolkit, DBI, DBIx::Class, LWP, SOAP::Lite, as well as
  other CPAN toolsets commonly used in development of Internet-enabled

- Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and usability-centered, standard-compliant
  web page authoring techniques.

- Good knowledge of OO JavaScript and the AJAX technology. Experience
  of building large non-trivial AJAX web application using YUI

- Very good knowledge of SQL, ER-modelling and relational database
  design good practices. Expert knowledge of MySQL, good working
  knowledge of PostgreSQL. Basic knowledge of and hands-on experience
  with Oracle.

- Solid Unix sysadmin skills, 10-year experience with Linux, good
  practical understanding of TCP/IP family of protocols. Practical
  knowledge of and experience with version control systems such as
  Subversion and CVS.

- Broad professional outlook. Understanding of and adherence to good
  practices of software design, such as TDD. Emacs power user with
  working Elisp knowledge.

- Fluency in English, experience as a professional translator. Able to
  communicate in writing in German or Spanish with a dictionary.
  Native speaker of Russian.


November 2009 - Present: Perl Developer - self-employed

Developed a series of OO Perl modules for Teapplix Inc. - a US company
providing web-based tools to eBay power sellers. Wrote web services
clients for FedEx and eBay using SOAP::Lite, LWP and XML::Simple, and
integrated them wuth legacy code. Developed Apache authentication
module in Perl to authenticate clients through eBay Selling Manager
API.  Created web services clients for APIs of e-commerce platforms
such as Infopia and ChannelAdvisor.

November 2008 - November 2009: Perl Developer - Rambler Internet Holding

Developed software for a public free email service serving more than
five millions of active subscribers. Added new functionality,
refactored legacy code, made performance improvements. Created a new
system for deploying updates to the cluster consisting of more than 50
servers. Enhanced centralized authentication system used commonly by
more than fifteen different high-traffic websites owned by the

March 2007 - November 2008: Perl Developer - Inline Telecom Solutions

Participated in development of BillMaster - billing software for
telecom operators, sold internationally. Wrote OO Perl and Oracle
PL/SQL, implementing complex business logic and hardware-specific
network protocols. Created a separate application using Catalyst for
on-demand authentication using Cisco RADIUS servers which was then
heavily used by several medium-sized Internet providers across the

April 2003 - March 2007: Software developer - self-employed

Executed more than a 100 of telecommute programming projects, mostly
in Perl, for English-speaking customers accross the World. More
information available upon request.


2009 - present: University of London External System, dept. of Philosophy.
1999 - 2001: Postgraduate at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics,
Moscow.  Unfinished.
1992 - 1999: Russian State University for the Humanities. Completed higher
education (5-year degree) in Information Tecnologies.


Citizen and resident of Russian Federation currently visiting London.
The employer will have to sponsor a work permit under the terms for
Tier 2.


35 y.o., single, without children. Interests: philosophy, foreign
languages, performance driving, playing ice hockey.

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