2 depend or not 2 depend

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Sun Feb 7 17:53:28 GMT 2010

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 06:17:51PM +0000, Dave Webb wrote:
> Hi,
> On 04/02/10 17:46, Paulo Edgar Castro wrote:
> >Long story short as I think I'm making a bit of a mess with the question...
> >We want to install all the 148 modules with the exact version number of
> >what we currently have installed. Preferably we want to install
> >everything exactly as we have.
> >Possible solutions:
> >a)
> >* Get a listing of all the modules installed in the system
> >* Try to mirror that list using our own bastard version of CPAN with
> >cpansite ?
> We do something similar here at $work, but it is a bit of a hassle to 
> administer. So one of the devs is converting all the modules we use to 
> RPMs, so we can install (and uninstall) more easily. It should also makes 
> it a lot easier to test things like new perl versions, 32-/64-bit etc.

It does if you have a second machine to test on.
It doesn't if you have a shared development server, and the installed packages
are common to all developers.

Nicholas Clark

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