My code is a mess, please help!

Mike Woods mike at
Tue Feb 9 14:23:44 GMT 2010

David Cantrell wrote:
> If any of you have been foolish^Wbrave enough to look at the CPANdeps
> source code, you will no doubt have recoiled in horror.  That's what
> happens when a quick hack that works gets put into production, then has
> features added, and becomes popular, gets some needed performance
> tweaks, and so on.
> It needs a gigantic re-factor.  Other than the Mark 1 Eyeball, can
> anyone recommend any tools for finding duplicated chunks of code?
> Perhaps something using PPI, as that should be able to cope with varying
> whitespace/variable names between the duplicated chunks.

I've yet to have a chance to play with it but this might be of use.

Mike Woods
Full of squishy cynicism

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