Working in London

Victoria Conlan vicky at
Tue Feb 23 17:27:43 GMT 2010

> I don't know yet. The office is around Paddington, but I have no idea where that'd make me live apart from "hopefully not horribly far" :)

Being near a mainline station you may even choose to live outside of London
and commute.  Which makes childcare both more and less complicated!  (I
currently commute with a 4 year old, cos nursery at home wouldn't do the
hours I need, so he does 9-6 in London then gets the train home!)

> Thanks, that's good to know. It doesn't translate to all that much more than what I pay here (adjusted for differences in the prices of rent and food it's probably even a little cheaper).

Oh, note the price often decreases with age, so the day price for a 6 month
old baby is significantly more than that for a 4 year old (due to needing
the appropriate staff ratio)

> I might post here again in a few months asking about good nursery/childminder addresses :)

FWIW, we currently use Happy Child, who have a couple of branches in London,
and we're not unhappy with them.  (Although the BBC nursery we had
previously was /much/ better, but I think we were just spoilt by them!)

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