Lovefilm, yes or no?

ian londonperlmongers at
Wed Apr 14 13:19:49 BST 2010

There might be less comments to this thread if the people who have *not* 
been tested and rejected leave a comment.

However, as a matter of interest, the test I took was the 'pelmanism' 
game (turning over cards to find a match).

Has anyone been given a different test?


On 14/04/2010 11:50, Dominic Thoreau wrote:
> On 14 April 2010 11:24, Pinky Weaselly<pinkweasels at>  wrote:
>> Sorry for anon email, but I don't want to announce to my employer that I've been approached by lovefilm about a job.
>> The recruiter started with "if I said 'lovefilm', would you say 'no'?"
>> Alarm bells are ringing. Can anyone say if they're a good employer, from a Perl perspective? You can email me privately if you like.
> I don't know what it's like to actually work for them - I did a phone
> interview, and their test (basically, write code fast, on
> deadline).[1]
> But they didn't hire me. After talking with previous colleagues (who
> are better perl devs than I am - and didn't get hired either) I get
> the opinion that they're trying to hire the elite - and almost to the
> point of being snobbish about it.
> As usual, YMMV
> Dominic
> [1] Without going into specifics of the task involved, they will ask
> you to nominate a time in the future. At that time, their system will
> arrange for an email to be delivered to you with a programming
> assignment, which you have one hour to complete and return.

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