Emergency social: The Gunmakers, tomorrow evening (for Perl 5.12.0)

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Wed Apr 14 16:41:52 BST 2010

Perl 5.12.0 escaped onto CPAN on Monday night, a few hours after Damian's talk:


Clearly this is an emergency. Although whether it's a good emergency or
bad emergency is debatable. But either way, it requires a social.

    The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell, Thursday 15th April 2010, from 6:30pm

The food is good, the beer is good, and they've actually found a reason for
Twitter to exist: https://twitter.com/thegunmakers

Just because the cause of the emergency is a four letter word doesn't mean
that we're likely to talk about it much. After all, off topic remains off
topic :-)

Nicholas Clark

PS Huge thanks to Jesse for herding cats for half a year to make this happen.
   (And big thanks to the all the cats involved in the herding process)
   Although time remains for Jesse to visit in person, it seems unlikely,
   short of extraordinary rendition. Also, Damian is happy with the timing,
   as he completed the talk *before* the examples shown were still warnings
   free on the current version of Perl 5 :-)

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