Cheap places in central London?

Victoria Conlan vicky at
Wed May 5 13:03:14 BST 2010

>> If they're after the basics, look at travelodge.
> I will never stay in a Travelodge again after staying at their one in
> Edinburgh.  For what they charged, it was AWFUL.

Fair enough.  Personally, I've never had a bad one, although my like of them
was a little diminished when they decided their new policy took "no frills"
to include no kettle + tea/coffee.

My /favourite/ 'cheap' hotel was a Novotel in Newcastle (but then I'm biased
towards anything with a swimming pool), but a bit of a commute to London!

I think I can honestly say that the 'posh' hotel we went to (attached to
Chelsea's ground, complete with MPW restaurant, iirc) was no nicer, but a
lot more expensive than the Travelodge at KX that I stayed in after a
Christmas party.  Of course, Travelodge are cheaper the earlier you book,
whereas  other hotels tend to be cheaper the later you book as they panic
that they won't fill their rooms.

And yes, the person who mentioned the overbooking is absolutely right, but
again, not something I've ever fallen foul of, or heard of anyone else I
know falling foul of.

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