Cheap places in central London?

Andrew Beattie gaffer at
Wed May 5 14:04:17 BST 2010

I make a lot of use of Travel Lodge.  On average, I find them OK.  I 
prefer Premier Inn.

On 04/05/2010 00:31, Victoria Conlan wrote:
> (although watch out for late rooms - I booked a room for my brother 
> and his
>  gf and her daughter, it was listed as a 'family room', but it turned 
> out to
>  be a double bed which was smaller than theirs at home, and the 3 of them
>  were meant to share it!)
The third bed is the sofa.  If you want it and it isn't made up, ask at 
reception.  When you fill in the on-line form, tell them how many people 
are staying - they usually get it right.

On 04/05/2010 16:21, David Cantrell wrote:
> I will never stay in a Travelodge again after staying at their one in
> Edinburgh.  For what they charged, it was AWFUL.
I stayed in the one in central Edinburgh for Christmas and boxing day 
about three years ago.  Booked six months in advance.  Total cost £20.  
For what *I* paid, it was excellent.  Over that Christmas, we strung 
together 11 x £10 rooms and toured the country.  A week's holiday for 
£110 was not to be sniffed at.  The minimum price has nearly doubled 
since then and it is tougher to find cheap rooms in the right places at 
the right times.

On 04/05/2010 16:54, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> And, as warning, look at their Ts & Cs and you will find that they 
> reserve the right to overbook and thus turn away people if they are 
> full. And it has happened, though not to me.
This happened to me exactly once.  They paid about 100 quid to put us in 
a rather excellent private hotel.  It was a few miles away but that 
happened to make no difference to us.


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